• Early Life

    Born on February 2, 1978, in Matanzas, Cuba, Lombard has a storied and impactful career in various fighting championships. Lombard's journey in the world of combat sports began at an early age, he represented his nation of birth at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in lightweight division of the Judo competition, a sport in which he is a fourth degree black belt.

  • Championships

    Hector Lombard's fighting championship career is a testament to his dedication, skill, and the impact he had on the middleweight division. His journey from Cuba to an international MMA sensation is a compelling story of resilience and determination in the face of formidable opponents in the world of mixed martial arts. His explosive fighting style and skills caught the attention of fans and fellow fighters alike.

  • Inventor

    Lombard is also an innovative soul who finds immense joy in the art of inventing and creating unique products. His passion for innovation is vividly demonstrated through his creations like Champ Wraps and The Funnel Scoop both patented products he has proudly brought to the market. Lombard enjoys solving everyday problems with inventive solutions.