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Your hands are delicate, and whether you are a beginner or experienced in boxing or MMA you can easily injure your hands while training or fighting against an opponent. Champ Wraps protect the small bones in your hands from breaking, keep the skin on the knuckles from tearing and help prevent you from spraining your wrists when delivering a solid punch.

You can choose from the BLANC - Universal - One Strap (S/M) or the X-BLANC - Extra thick padding (L/XL).

  • Both are universal sizing - one size only
  • BLANC - Universal - One Strap is labeled S/M - this is in reference to the padding.
  • X-BLANC - Extra thick padding is labeled L/XL - this is in reference to the padding.

Made by a professional fighter Hector Lombard wanted to make sure this product was built for long training sessions. Champ Wrap's material reduces impact energy and protects your knuckles. Full wrist wrap strap provides superior wrist support and allows for a customized fit. Patent Pending technology.

  • Moisture wicking fabric, washable and breathable.
  • 30 second application.
  • Provides essential wrist support.
  • Gel shock absorbing knuckles meant to keep your hands cool and dry during training.
  • Designed to protect and prevent your hand from injuries.
  • One size fits all, sold as a set of two.
  • Patent Pending.