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CHAMP WRAPS™ gloves are designed for intermediate people and those who are beginning their adventure in martial arts. The structure and high-class materials used from which the CHAMP WRAPS™ boxing gloves are made, guarantee of excellent shock absorption even during intense workouts.

CHAMP WRAPS™ gloves are filled with impact-resistant foam of various density with additional shock-absorbing and energy-distributing EVA foam on the entire surface of the gloves. The foam is very durable, which  provides effective protection against injuries and comfort use.

Safety & Comfort Specs: 

  • Wrist area reinforced with an additional protective layer
  • Profile that facilitates closing the hand
  • Covered by the body of the glove, ergonomically contoured thumb attached to the glove
  • EVA Foam for protection against injuries
  • Impact control and absorption
  • Ventilation holes in the area of ​​the thumb and on the inside of the glove
  • Comfortable, wide, very strong hook & loop that stabilizes and stiffens the wrist
  • Breathable, anti-bacterial inner fabric
  • 100% Handmade 

*Disclosure: Use boxing wraps that will extend the life of the gloves and also prevent wrist injuries.